Bon Chon Chicken

Soy Garlic WingsSweet Potato Fries

My mom always told me that if I ever were to go to Hell, probably all the chickens I’ve eaten over the course of my life will be waiting for me to have their revenge. Yes, I love chicken. Worse, I’m addicted to Bon Chon.

When I was little, it all started with McNuggets, I just couldn’t get enough of it (thank you Morgan Spurlock, that era’s gone). But as time went by, the world of chicken evolved. Every Soccer Game (Koreans can go absolutely loco with chicken wings during World Cup season, just like the Super Bowl) and midnight cravings called for fried chicken and beer-at least in my house.

When I found Bon Chon in New York, I was overjoyed with hopes of continuing the tradition that I sorely missed. With multiple locations across Manhattan, I never have to reminisce those good old days in Seoul- I can just live it in New York.

Soy garlic chicken would definitely be my choice of last meal if I were on death row.

Bon Chon Chicken
9 Saint Marks Pl # D
New York, NY 10003

What's your verdict?

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