Co Co Nut Curry

Chicken Tikka Masala

Garlic Naan

The bite

Teh Tarik-Pulled Tea

Why is it that I taste these fantastic curries only in China?

Famous for its tea tricks (while I was there, the tea man was no-show), the curry itself contains enough spice to ooze ooh’s and ahh’s especially during Hong Kong’s fickle weather.

Chicken Tikka Masala’s reddish surface doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to burn your tongue. It had a good dose of different spices and the chicken pieces were soft and chewy (and some additional tomato chunks in disguise as chicken).

I was a little thrown off by the Garlic Naan as I expected it to be crispier but it was a tad bit soaked in oil. Not to be disappointed, when dunked in curry- it creates a complementary combination even more heavenly with Teh Tarik-Pulled Tea on the side.

Co Co Nut Curry
8 Wing Wah Lane
Central, Hong Kong

 View of D’Aguilar Street, turn right at IndoChine

IndoChine should be on your right. This is Wing Wah Lane, go straight and turn left at the dead end.


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