Baked and Wired

Fancy-shmancy cupcakes always catch my attention with a faint whiff of innuendo. I find many bakeries specializing in almost “toddlers & tiaras” type cupcakes, blissfully ignoring the essence of good cupcakes.  Extremities, are rarely the key to a delicious cupcake.

That’s why I am not the biggest fan of bakeries like… Crumbs- commercialized and outrageously oversized.  Sometimes I can’t help but to wonder whether those cupcakes are created on behalf of environmental conscious minds- those who love to recycle left over halloween candies, mindlessly slapping them on buttercream icing all year long.  But let’s set aside my fear of unconventional cupcakes, because I might have found “it.”

Size-wise, craziness-wise, it is all in moderation. I’ve tried several cupcakes including Flapjack Cupcake made of Maple Brown Butter, cake with Maple Butter, & Creamcheese frosting, and Unporked Elvis with Banana cake, Peanut Butter frosting, & Chocolate drizzle.  My favorite was Flapjack Cupcake- and they have given me the ultimate reason to indulge this cupcake more than ever- BACON PIECES SPRINKLED ON TOP!

Baked and Wired
1052 Thomas Jefferson Street NW
Washington, DC 20007

What's your verdict?

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